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Welcome to the Sarah Caswell Angell DAR chapter website. Our chapter is at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter was organized on July 3, 1896 and chartered on April 30, 1897. The Ann Arbor chapter was named after the founder and first Chapter Regent, Sarah Caswell Angell.

Who was Sarah Caswell Angell

SarahSarah Swoope Caswell was born July 25, 1831, in Providence, Rhode Island, to Alexis Caswell and Mary McDowell Caswell. On November 26, 1855, Sarah was united in marriage to James Burrill Angell, in Providence. Three children were born to the Caswells before they arrived in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Sarah and James Angell came to Ann Arbor in 1871.  James was appointed President of the University of Michigan, serving 38 years. He was appointed just one year after the first woman was admitted to studies at the University. Sarah Caswell Angell is noted a number of times in the History of Women at the University as "playing a major role in promoting women's activities in the University." As first lady of the University from 1871, to the time of her death in 1903, she led an active social life with interests in church, missionary work, the Daughters of the American Revolution, art and architecture at home and in countries visited while abroad, and is noted as one of the founders of the Michigan Women's League.

Sarah died December 17, 1903, in Ann Arbor. She is buried beside her husband at Forest Hills Cemetery in Ann Arbor, Michigan.